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Judson Laipply's The Evolution of Dance

One of the Most Watched YouTube Videos of All Time

Performed for the first time in the spring of 2001, The Evolution of Dance™ became an instant hit. With just twelve songs and a little more than two minutes of music, the first routine was the perfect finish to Judson’s performance. Four years and thirty plus songs later, the six minute routine materialized into the world’s most watched video on the Internet.

Uploaded on YouTube in April of 2006, two months and millions of views later, Judson found himself on the Today Show, Inside Edition, Ellen, and a whole host of worldwide, radio, TV and print media outlets.

The question is often asked, "What does dancing have to do with life?" The Evolution of Dance™ is the perfect visual example of how life changes. Each song and dance was “in” during a point of time in history; however, since life is change, new dances, songs and moves are continually appearing and must be added to a constantly changing repertoire.

Judson has been featured in popular publications and TV shows such as 20/20, Good Morning America, Rolling Stone, The Today Show, BBC and People.

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Judson is a one-of-a-kind performer who has the audience engaged from the moment he steps on stage until he dances off.
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