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Life is Change

Socrates once said, "Perfection is constant change."


Life is change.


Day in and day out the thing that remains constant is change. Judson combines laughter inducing stories with thought-provoking ideas to drive home the point that we are in the constant presence of change.

His stories, personal experiences, crowd participation, high energy, and laughter help people recognize how to let go of the things out of their control and focus their energies on things they can change. Judson's finale, The Evolution Of Dance will leave your audience with an unforgettable message, one which will remind each participant that "Life is Change," and that they have the ultimate control over the outcome.

Lead Your Evolution

Everything changes. Not everything evolves. Every organization needs leaders who can lead the evolution. 


Change is inevitable; evolving is not. Evolving means becoming a better version of ourselves, our organizations, our world by focusing on the things we have influence over. 


Overcoming the adverse reaction to chaos and embracing the struggles that strengthen allow  leaders to help their organizations to evolve. The world is moving faster and faster requiring a constant evolving mentality. Never rest on laurels or past accomplishments instead seeking to grow, stretch, and evolve. Learn from those that came before and refused to evolve and gain insight into how you can lead your evolution.


Complete with "The Evolution of Dance" this keynote ensures that everyone recognizes that everything changes - not everything evolves.

Custom Keynote

Love Judson's style and energy but neither of the current keynotes seem to be quite the right fit? Don't fret! We can work together to create a keynote specifically for your event, organization, or company. Whether half or full day trainings, opening or closing keynotes, in-services, after dinner entertainment, or anything else you might have a need for - there's a pretty good chance Judson can create something special just for you. Contact us and let us know how we can be of service!

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